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About Us

Ruth Breitbach, B.A.

Business Manager

Ruth Breitbach is one of the founders of K.I.D.S. & Family Therapy LLC. She shared Deborah's vision for K.I.D.S.  Her years of experience in offices that work with emotional troubled young people, has helped her have a clear understanding of how her skills would match with K.I.D.S. services.  In addition to some training in the field of Social Work, she has a degree in Business, maintains the website, technology and business services, including implementation of the new Electronic Health Records Program, and billing.  

Deborah Otto, MSW, LICSW

Clinical Director

Deborah Otto is one of the founders of K.I.D.S. & Family Therapy LLC. The vision for this agency grew out of Deborah's many years of experience of working with children, who were not living in their biological parents home.  Deborah's experience with children spanned residential care, group home, shelter care, foster care, adoptive homes, day treatment and individual modalities.  She is a system trained clinician, who works from an Attachment model and believes that a child's parents are their single greatest resource in restorative health of their children.  Parental involvement in children's therapy is a main component at K.I.D.S., where parents are provided education and strong support, so they might best utilize their skills as parents.

It is important to Deborah that she and K.I.D.S. stay leading edge in available therapies for kids. She strives to educate herself and deliver to her clients innovative developmental strategies individualized to each child situation and need.

She holds her Masters degree in Social Work, and has maintained her license with the MN Board of Social Work as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker since 1990.  She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and the Mother of her own adopted children.

At K.I.D.S & Family Therapy we know parenting children with tough issues takes strength, support and assistance.  A wise person once said that it takes a village to raise a child.  K.I.D.S = Kids Innovative Development Strategies, this means our staff strives to stay current with the most applicable knowledge and therapy strategies available for kids and their parents. Our services offered include both intervention for the child, with a strong parent component, providing parents involvement, education and support to assist their children with issues they may be struggling with.