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Parent Education

K.I.D.S. & Family Therapy offers Parent Education on specific topics of interest.  Currently they offer a course on Attachment Issues.

Attachment From The Inside Out

This education opportunity should be used by parents who have a child/teen who is adopted, or by parents who are preparing to adopt.  It uses strategies of Integrative Parenting in helping families deal with children affected by Attachment Trauma. Sometimes parents of adopted children are not aware the behavior their child is demonstrating is a common behavior exhibited by adopted children.  This course helps parents identify issues, and gives strategies for addressing those issues with their child.

This a Parenting Education group that works in a 5 week progression.  The group meets for 5 Saturday mornings for the purpose of understanding the origins of attachment, resulting behaviors from early attachment disruption, and techniques and information for next steps.  The group class includes power points, handouts and homework.  It is taught by Deborah Otto, LICSW. She has over 20 years of experience in the attachment field and has worked with many children who were no longer parented by their biological parents.  Fees for this 15 hour course are $150.00 per person or $225.00 for couples who attend. Payment arrangements are available.

Please call 763.710.9949 to receive the registration form necessary for enrollment in this seminar.